Total Turf Advantage – Marketing Strategies

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Advertise your business to thousands of prospective customers
  • Help promote healthy, competitive athletics in your community
  • Promote your business’ reputation throughout the community

Premium Sponsorship

Apparel Sponsor- $5,000-10,000
This is a 2 year commitment. Your business logo or name will be printed on all TTE intramural league uniforms. We currently hold leagues in flag football, soccer, basketball, field hockey, and volleyball that will need uniforms each year. Your business will also have the distinction of having each staff member as well as all championship shirts wear your logo.

Field Sponsor- $8,000-12,000
Arena Field sponsor. Your business will have the distinct honor of having one of our two indoor fields named for 1 year with a 23X30 windscreen. This also includes the Platinum Sponsorship Package.(1 year commitment) 

Academy Sponsor- $10,000-15,000
Your business will have exclusive naming rights of the entire Academy name for t one year. Your logo will be displayed though-out the Academy including a 23X20 windscreen. This also includes the Platinum Sponsor.

Outdoor Turf Sponsor- $30,000-40,000
Your company will have full naming rights for the Outdoor turf field . Your company Logo can be displayed on the enclosed fence and or backstops. This also includes the Platinum Sponsorship Package. (1 year).


BASIC sponsorship
Kiosk/Table – $30-60
Publication Sponsor- $200
Website Sponsor- $400
Media Sponsor- $800
Special Event Sponsor

This is a simple way to advertise your business for one full year. The displays and brochures will be strategically placed so that everyone entering the facility will see them. Our Website and Media will also be viewed by thousands of weekly visitors.

** All Premium Sponsorship packages include 2 light post banners**

Sponsorship Packages

SILVER Package Sponsor- $750
The SILVER package includes one 4’x10’ banner in the inside arena or on the outside turf field for one full year. Also, you will receive a one year listing on the sponsor page on the TTE website.

GOLD Package Sponsor- $1,500
The GOLD package includes two 4’x10’ banners, one for the inside arena and one for the outside turf field for one full year. Also included is a listing on the TTE website sponsor page, as well as your business being advertised on all internal TV media also for one full year.

PLATINUM Package Sponsor- $3,000
The PLATINUM package includes one 4’x23’ banner in the inside arena or one 33”x82” retractable banner displayed inside and one 4’x10’ banner on the outside turf field for one full year. A listing on the TTE website sponsor page and the Total Turf Media Package for one full year. Also included is the Total Turf Live package which includes 6-10 broadcasts with 1 running ad and announcements during the broadcast also for one full year.

Additional advertising opportunities

The TTE staff can help you customize a package that will meet your business’ needs with these additional advertising opportunities! If you’re interested in any of these options please ask a staff member for their individual pricing.

  • T-shirt with your company’s name and/or logo
  • Kiosk setup and/or table rentals for special events at TTE
  • Sponsor an outdoor field with company and/or family name
  • Trophies and Awards
  • Bench or Picnic Table Sponsor (Dedication)
  • Name a room (arcade or meeting room)
  • Light post banner

**TTE Live Design is an extra charge**