TTE Summer Camp FAQ’s



Summer Camp FAQ’s

We will have two camp supervisors, that are school teachers during the year, that will oversee and be in charge during the week. We will have junior counselors that will be in charge of the groups. (8-12 per group). We will have a different itinerary per week and a different field day theme at the end of the week. Our weeks will be set up like this:

Every day-

  • Drop off at 8:00
  • Roll call by 8:30
  • Pick up at 4:30.
  • Early drop offs: will be directed to the event room where they can watch TV, play games, color or just relax.
  • Late pick ups: will finish up in the academy where they can play basketball or other activities that will be available.

Example Week:

  • Monday: movement Monday – a lot of fun group exercises. Some team building games too.
  • Tuesday: sport oriented (kickball, dodgeball, soccer, tennis baseball, etc…)
  • Wednesday: crafts & movie day
  • Thursday: sport and games
  • Friday: Field Day : we will have different themes each week. (Ex. Olympic week, wet n wild week, NASCAR, etc…)